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Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic


What is the Behavior Management Program?


We provide behavioral treatment to children and adolescents presenting with common behavior problems of childhood, such as: 

  • noncompliance

  • tantrums

  • disruptive behavior

  • habit disorders (e.g. tics, trichotillomania, skin picking, thumb sucking)

  • pica (eating non-food items)

  • elopement (running away from supervision)

  • toileting difficulties/enuresis and encopresis

  • refusal of medication/medical treatments

  • sleep problems (e.g. bedwetting, problems with bedtime routines) 


Our Interdisciplinary Team Includes?

  • psychology/applied behavior analysis

  • pediatric medicine

What Treatment Approach is Used? 

We evaluate the child's presenting concerns from a behavioral approach using empirically-supported assessments to understand and effectively reduce any problem behaviors and teach new behaviors that lead to improved functioning. We collect data on the child's behavior before, during, and after treatment to objectively assess the effectiveness of each child’s specific treatment. We work collaboratively with pediatric medicine to assess and treat the child's presenting concerns when appropriate. We work with parents, teachers, and other caregivers to understand the child’s behavior and effectively manage it in the home, school, and community settings. We provide follow-up care to ensure each child continues to meet his or her goals over time and to ensure caregivers have the appropriate skills to maintain desired behavior change. 

What Type of Services are Offered?

Our services include evaluation, outpatient therapy, and consultation. Each child moves through the program based on individual needs. 

To Make an Appointment

Phone: (910) - 660 - 8200

Fax: (910) - 660 - 8199 


NOTE: We will schedule an evaluation after receiving a referral from your child's primary care physician. You will need to send a completed intake form prior to your child's evaluation. 

Referral form
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Intake form
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