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Early Learner Program

girl with autism

What is the Early Learner Program?

The Early Learner Program provides services in our center, the child's home, or a combination of both to improvecommunication, pre-academic skills, social skills, and early life skills.  Our focus is the development of new skills.  Hundreds of published, peer-reviewed research studies have shown the effectiveness of the treatment approach we use based in applied behavior analysis (ABA).

Who does the Early Learner Program Serve?

The Early Learner Program provides specialized services to children ages 2 - 10 who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or another developmental disorder. Our children vary in functioning levels. Some children are in the initial stages of learning while others display advanced language skills but deficits in social interactions with peersSome children also display minor problem behaviors, such as tantrums.


What Treatment Approach is Used?

We use evidence-based strategies to train a variety of skills. Trained therapists implement Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) procedures based on the science of behavior. Programs take place across settings ranging from individualized work at a table to naturalistic play interactions with adults and/or peers.  We continuously monitor progress throughout the program.  Once a child masters skills, they are practiced periodically to make sure the child maintains them.  Children practice skills in different settings to ensure the skills occur in a variety of environments and with a variety of people.  Caregivers and members of our team team attend regularly scheduled meetings to assess the child's progress and develop measurable goals.  Our therapists maintain ongoing contact with caregivers between goal periods to discuss the child's progress and address questions. 

What Type of Services are Offered?

The Early Learner Program offers a continuum of services including evaluation, clinic-based intervention, home-based program development, and school consultation. The number of weekly, clinic-based hours depends on the needs of the child and scheduling availability. 


To Make an Appointment

Phone: (910) - 660 - 8200

Fax: (910) - 660 - 8199


NOTE: We will schedule an evaluation after receiving a referral from your child's primary care physician. You will need to send a completed intake form prior to your child's evaluation. 

Referral form
to be completed by
referring physician
Intake form
to be completed by caregiver
Authorization to exchange information form to be completed by caregiver
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